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Prerequisite: This new product is for intermediate & advanced salsa dancers. We suggest
SalsaCrazy's Salsa Dance System (5 DVD Set: Beginning-Intermediate) prior to trying this.

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These are advanced DVDs. Make sure you have already reviewed and watched our Salsa Dance Mastery System for Beginners & Intermediates. It's a prerequisite!

SalsaCrazy's Brand New Advanced Salsa Dance Series

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SalsaCrazy's Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System
6 DVD SET: Over 12 Hours of Dance Instruction

Over 3 years in production, the sequel to the best selling salsa dance system of all time is finally here! SalsaCrazy's Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System is a massive 6 DVD set for intermediate and advanced dancers. An all new, step-by-step, jam-packed advanced DVD collection. We leave nothing out!
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You will find:

  • Dozens of advanced, fun & crazy salsa patterns
  • Tons of socially leadable and followable salsa dance techniques
  • Both On1 and a full DVD dedicated to On2 Salsa Dancing
  • Demonstrations, breakdowns, and practice with real salsa music
  • Explorations of Salsa styling, footwork, and movement
  • Over 8 hand-selected professional salsa dance instructors
  • Q & A with all of SalsaCrazy's Advanced Instructors

Learn technique, styling, and patterns with detailed instruction and close up camera angles as we take you step-by-step behind the stunning and graceful moves of advanced dancers.

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SalsaCrazy's Advanced Salsa Dance Series Breakdown: 6 DVDs

In Disc 1, you'll get 2 hours of jam-packed salsa instruction from the master of crazy  himself, SalsaCrazy with his brilliant partner, Louise Garrison! Covering dozens of amazing advanced salsa patters & delving into the question ''what makes an advanced salsa dancer?", SalsaCrazy provides and in-depth and exciting analysis of some incredible salsa techniques that you can't find anywhere else!

Disc 2 continues your advanced salsa training and goes deeper than ever before, giving you a rounded set of advanced patterns and techniques that are sure to light a fire on the dance floor! Evan Margolin, AKA SalsaCrazy, and his highly esteemed partners and instructors, Nadine Chan and Angeline Lucia are with you every step of the way. . .

Disc 3 features some of SalsaCrazy's favorite instructors. . . Alison Hurwitz and Jesus Ortiz. With years of background and experience, both teachers give you their own unique and valuable spin on Advanced Salsa Dance Technique, breaking down every step and practicing along with you so you'll never miss a beat!
In Disc 4, Alison and Jesus pick up where they left off, providing even more insightful tips and tricks for a healthy variety of hot and steamy advanced salsa dance figures. They take you deeper and deeper into what it really means to be an advanced dancer.

Disc 5
includes some of our hottest and most skilled instructors, Tianne and Ricardo. Breaking down beautiful patterns and showing you the key to looking great on the dance floor, this disc reveals some of the most interesting and irresistible salsa dance patterns that you'll ever learn!

Disc 6 is a stepping stone for you to become an even better salsa dancer by expanding your horizons and learning how to take your On2 Salsa Dancing to a higher level. Featuring world renowned salsa dance styling expert, Seaon Stylist will show you not only how to look hot, but how to actually feel comfortable and confident with every step you make.

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Al “Liquid Silver” Espinoza & his talented & beautiful wife, Karla Espinoza, demonstrate how to make a less experienced dancer shine while doing SIMPLE moves that look DEADLY. If you're a strong leader who dances with less skilled dancers, you can make them look AMAZING! Step up your style with “Simple, But Deadly” moves, designed to make YOU, the leader, perform complicated figures while allowing the follower to continue with Simple one.
$40 Value, yours free!
Receive the Cool Moves (Series 2) DVD: New Updated Version
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Al's unique combination of pop-locking, hip hop, and classic Salsa bring to life a contemporary mixture of lead-able nightclub moves and turn patterns unlike any other. Packed solid with flashy turn patterns, body movements, and styling concepts, Millennium Cool Moves brings to life contemporary Salsa dancing at its best. You’ll learn the latest Hot and Flashy Salsa moves from New York and Los Angeles! Millennium Cool Moves is guaranteed to be at the top of your Salsa play list for years to come. His entire video series is literally a documented catalog of his progression as a Salsa dancer, with a list of moves and patterns that rival any seasoned Salsa professional.
$40 Value, yours free!

SalsaBootCamp Volume 6 DVD (On2 Salsa Dancing)
(while supplies last - limited time offer)

Learn to dance salsa On2, New York Style. This is a perfect addition to the Advanced Mastery System, as it includes brand new footage for On2 Salsa... A progressive and natural follow-up to the 6th disc of the Advanced System which also covers On2 Salsa Dancing.
$47 Value, yours free!

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